The Singularity ONI is the world's first in-ear-monitor to utilize monolithic silicon MEMS transducers. By leveraging this technology, the ONI provides transcendent sonic clarity and speed in a uniquely compact and lightweight form factor.

Ships approximately five weeks from time of purchase.


  • Twin xMEMS Montara drivers. Each IEM contains 48 silicon radiating surfaces of unprecedentedly low mass and high stiffness, which accelerate to match the musical signal 30-150 times faster than any existing transducer. Additionally, the xMEMS transducers in the ONI deliver the world's best phase accuracy. These factors translate directly into more beautiful and accurate music.
  • Tiny, light-weight form factor. The body of the ONI is crafted from billet grade 5 titanium using a meticulous 5 axis CNC machining process. Each IEM weighs just over 5 grams and is just over 19mm long, delivering comfort even in extended listening sessions.
  • Damping and isolation. The twin drivers in each ONI are embedded in a 3D-printed elastomeric core, which efficiently dissipates mechanical vibrations resulting from the movement of the transducers, further improving the accuracy of the sound. This material also isolates the transducers from shock or vibrations from the outside world, ensuring extreme durability.
  • Vented audio path. The ONI features vented transducers, which do not seal the inner ear from the outside world. This equates to less pressure on the eardrum, less buildup of sweat or earwax, and more comfort. Despite being vented, the ONI significantly attenuates background noise, allowing you to focus on your music.
  • Designed and made in Silicon Valley. The ONI is made in Milpitas, California. This includes the machining and finishing of the shell, 3D printing of the acoustic chamber, the micro-assembly of the electronics components, and the mechanical assembly of each IEM.
  • Compatible with the iFi Diablo-X.  The xMEMs transducers in the ONI require specialized amplification. The iFi Diablo-X is the first amplifier to support the unique needs of xMEMS transducers, and is a natural partner to the ONI.